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Ochoa's Mexican Cafe


Established 1969

305 E. Dallas St.

Canton, TX


Please Allow Time to Prepare

Any Order on this menu can be prepared to take home




Guacamole Supreme $5.25


Guacamole  Lg $3.99  Sm $2.99


Combination Salad  Lg $3.99   Sm $2.99


Chef Salad $7.59

Combination salad with bacon & ham, topped with cheese, tomatoes, boiled eggs & your choice of dressing


Taco Salad $7.25

Your choice of ground beef or fajita chicken with crisp flour tortilla shell


Taco Salad Grande $8.25

Your choice of fajita chicken or ground beef combined with lettuce, tomato salad, topped with pinto beans, sour cream, guacamole & cheddar cheese


Javier Salad $8.95

Lettuce & tomato salad topped with sliced chicken breast, cilantro, Jack cheese & cheddar cheese




Chalupas  (1) $3.95   (2) $5.50   (3) $6.50

Your choice of beef, bean or chicken


Tacos  (1) $3.95   (2) $5.50   (3) $6.50

Your choice of puffy, cheese, beef, bean or chicken with toasted or plain tortillas


Enchiladas  (1) $3.95   (2) $5.50   (3) $6.50

*Covered with chili

Your choice of *Avocado, *Cheese, Chicken or *Beef




Chili con Queso Sm $3.29   Lg $5.29


Chili con Carne  Sm $3.00   Lg $5.00


Chili con Bean $5.29


Rice with Chili $5.29


Refried Beans  Sm $3.00   Lg $5.00


Rice  Sm $3.00   Lg $5.00


Sour Cream  Sm $1.25   Lg $1.95


Shredded Cheese $1.25




Chicken Fried Steak $7.25


Jumbo Fried Shrimp (6) $8.50


Chicken Fried Chicken $8.50


Hamburger $4.50   with Cheese $5.00


Order of Fries $2.90


Grilled Cheese $4.25


Ham & Cheese $5.25


B.L.T $5.75



Ages 12 & Over $1.50 more


Burrito Plate $4.35

Your choice of bean or meat burrito served with rice & beans


Taco Plate $4.35

Meat Taco served with rice & beans


Tamale Plate $4.35

Tamale served with rice & beans


Quesadilla Plate $4.35

Grilled flour tortilla with cheese, served with rice & beans


Shrimp Plate $4.75

3 Shrimp served with French fries, hot roll & salad


Chicken Fried Steak $4.75

Chicken fried steak served with French fries, hot roll & salad


Chicken Strip $4.75

Served with French fries, hot roll & salad




Pepe Dinner $7.35

Meat taco, soft cheese taco, enchilada & tamale covered with chili, beans & Spanish rice


Monterrey Dinner $7.35

Guacamole salad, soft cheese taco, cheese enchilada, beans & Spanish rice


Burrito Dinner $7.35

1 Meat burrito, 1 bean burrito & 1 guacamole burrito


Mexican dinner $7.35

Cheese enchilada, 2 tamales covered with chili, beans & Spanish rice


Ochoa’s Special $8.25

Soft cheese taco, 2 tamales, cheese enchilada, fried beans & Spanish rice


Enchilada Dinner $7.10

Your choice of 2 chicken, cheese or beef enchiladas covered with chili, beans & Spanish rice


Tamale Dinner $6.95

3 Tamales covered with chili, beans & Spanish rice


Little Joe Special   Half Order $4.70   Full Order $7.30

2 Meat chalupas covered with melted cheese & guacamole salad on the side


Jalisco Plate $7.35

Meat Taco, 2 cheese enchiladas & soft cheese taco


Reynosa Plate $6.75

Guacamole chalupa & chili con queso chalupa


Combination #2 $6.75

2 cheese enchiladas & meat taco


Combination #3 $6.75

1 Chicken enchilada, rice & single puffy taco


Saltillo Plate $6.75

Meat taco, cheese enchilada & soft cheese taco


Yucatan Plate $6.95

2 Meat tacos & tostada with guacamole


Texas Plate $6.95

Beef Burrito, Bean chalupa & chili con queso tostada


Noonday Plate $6.95

Cheese enchilada, bean chalupa & beef taco


Fresh Home-made Tamales $6.95

5 Tamales with chili con carne


Taco Dinner $7.40

2 Meat tacos, beans & Spanish rice


Combination Crispy   Half Order $5.65   Full Order $7.65

2 Puffy Tacos filled with rice, beans, taco meat, chili with salad, 2 bean/guacamole/sour cream nachos




Fajitas  $11.95   Fajitas for 2 $20.95

Your choice of beef or chicken fajitas sautéed with bell peppers & fresh onions, served with guacamole salad, sour cream, rice & beans


Quesadillas $11.95

Your choice of grilled beef or chicken wrapped in a large tortilla, stuffed with onions, bell pepper & plenty of cheese, pan fried until crisp, topped with guacamole salad & served with rice & beans


Chimichangas $10.95

Our pinto beans, ground beef & cheese wrapped in a large flour tortilla, deep fried, covered with your choice of ranchero sauce or chili con queso & served with rice & beans


Chicken Flautas $10.45

3 Flour tortillas filled with chicken & cheese, rolled up and deep fried, served with fried beans & Spanish rice, sour cream & guacamole


Arroz Con Pollo   4 oz. Chicken $9.45   8 oz. Chicken $10.45

A truce Mexican classic, grilled chicken breast on a bed of rice, covered with ranchero sauce & topped off with Monterrey Jack cheese


Tacos Al Carbon  Plain $10.45   Mexican Style “HOT” $11.45

3 to an order

Broiled beef cubes wrapped in flour tortillas & served with salad, rice & beans    


Pepper Steak $11.25

This dish takes 20-30 minutes

Mexican Style tender beef cubes, specially prepared with green peppers, chopped onions & covered with Mexican sauce, served with rice & beans


Steak a la Ranchero $11.75

Skirt steak covered with our delicious Mexican sauce, cheese, enchilada & guacamole salad or meat taco, served with rice & beans


Carne Asada  $11.00   Mexican Style “HOT” $12.00

Tender beef skirt, served with cheese nachos, guacamole salad, rice & beans


Chili Rellenos $9.95

Stuffed Poblano pepper with special prepared ground beef, topped with our delicious Mexican sauce, served with salad, rice & beans


Carnitas $11.00

Pork sirloin cubes sautéed with bell peppers, onions & potato fries, served with our delicious Mexican sauce & served with salad, rice & beans


Henry Lewis Special $7.35

Single Burrito filled with rice, beans, meat, lettuce, tomatoes, topped with chili, chili con queso




Cheese  Half $4.50   Full $6.00


Cheese & Bean  Half $5.20   Full $620


Cheese, Bean & Guacamole   Half $5.75   Full $6.75


Cheese & Beef   Half $5.20   Full $6.20


Nacho Supreme   Half $6.50   Full $9.10

Ground beef, beans & cheese, served with guacamole & sour cream


Fajita Nachos   Half $7.45   Full $10.45

Chicken or beef served with cheese, beans, guacamole & sour cream


Fiesta Nachos   Half $8.45   Full $11.45

Our Chicken or Beef fajita nacho covered with sautéed onions, bell peppers & tomatoes




Milk $1.50  


Coffee $1.50


Iced Tea $1.50


Soft Drinks $1.75



Any Order on this menu can be prepared to take home



Hot Sauce $3.45


Chips (1 lb.) $3.10


Chili con Queso  Sm $3.50   Lg $5.25


Fresh Home-made Tamales (dozen) $8.00