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The Black Angus Grill


2206 Live Oak St

Commerce, TX 75428


We certainly appreciate your preference!

Certified Angus Beef® Brand Since 1978


Lunch served Monday – Friday 11AM – 4PM

100% Certified Angus Beef, served with 2 vegetables, for salad add $1.99

Meatloaf $6.49

Roast Beef $6.49

Fried Catfish $7.99

Veggie Plate $6.99

Chicken Strips $6.49

Chicken Fried Steak $6.49

Chicken Fried Chicken $6.49

8 oz. Tender Sirloin Stead $8.99

Chopped Steak with grilled onions $6.49

Sirloin Beef Tips on Seasoned Rice $6.49

Grilled Chicken Breast on Seasoned Rice $6.49



Served with 2 vegetables, for salad add $1.99

Monday – Chop Steak $5.99

Tuesday – Beef Tips $5.99

Wednesday – Meatloaf $5.99

Thursday – Roast Beef $5.99

Friday – Fried Catfish $5.99

Saturday – Hamburger with fries (only) $5.99



10 years or under. Includes soft drink, juice or milk.

Mini Corn Dog $5.99

Chicken Fried Chicken $5.99

Grilled Cheese Sandwich $5.99

Chicken Strips $5.99

Chop Steak Hamburger $5.99

Jr. Burger $5.99



Fried Mozzarellas Sticks $5.25

Served with ranch dressing

Texas Torpedoes $4.25

Cheddar cheese stuffed jalapeños lightly battered

Fried Mushrooms $5.25

Hand battered, served with ranch dressing

Manager’s trio $6.99

Mozzarella sticks, torpedoes & fried mushrooms

Fried Pickles $4.99

Sliced pickles breaded & deep-fried

Onion Rings $2.50

Thin sliced, breaded & deep-fried

Cheese Fries $4.99

Crispy fries with melted cheddar cheese & bacon

6 Hot Wings $3.99

Served with ranch dressing


1000 Island blue cheese, honey mustard, ranch, Italian, French dressings

Grilled Chicken Salad $8.49

Crispy greens, shredded cheese, croutons, bacon & chives

Crispy Chicken Salad $8.49

Crispy greens, shredded cheese, croutons, bacon & chives

Large House Salad $3.99

Crispy greens shredded cheese, croutons, bacon & chives

Small House Salad $1.99

Crispy greens, croutons & tomatoes


Served with choice of 2 vegetables, for salad add $1.99

Chicken Fried Steak $9.99

Twice hand battered, served with gravy

Chicken Fried Chicken $9.99

Boneless, skinless, twice hand batter chicken

Chicken Strips $8.99

Deep fried tenderloins, served with gravy

Grilled Chicken Breast $9.49

Boneless, skinless, chicken breast served with seasoned rice

Pot Roast $8.99

Slow cooked mixed with carrots & potatoes in brown gravy

Grandma’s Meatloaf $8.99

Fresh ground beef, topped with tomato sauce

Monterey Chicken $9.99

Grilled mushrooms & Jack cheese on chicken breast with seasoned rice

Salmon $9.99

Served with a seasoned rice

Twelve Spicy-Hot Chicken Wings $7.99

Served with salad only

Pork Chops Fried or Grilled $9.99

Twice hand battered, served with gravy

Farm Raised Catfish $9.99

Golden brown nuggets, breaded & fried

Grilled Cajun Catfish $9.99

Served with seasoned rice


Served with seasoned French fries or onion rings for $1.00 extra

100% certified angus beef

Hamburger $6.49

Fresh ground beef on a homemade bun

Jalapeño Cheeseburger $7.49

Fresh ground beef topped with jalapeños & cheese

Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich $7.99

Texas Burger $8.99

Double meat, double cheese

“The Sandwich” $7.99

Grilled chicken, strips of bacon, tomatoes & Jack cheese

The Chicken “Ranch” Sandwich $7.99

Chicken fried chicken with ranch dressing

Patty Melt $6.99

Served with Monterey Jack cheese & grilled onions

Hickory Burger $6.99

Grilled onions, melted cheddar cheese with jickory sauce

Mushroom Jack Burger Sautéed mushrooms with melted Jack cheese

Bacon Cheese Burger

Strips of bacon, your choice of cheese all on a homemade burn

BLT $5.99


Served with 2 vegetables, 100% certified Angus beef


Rare=Red with warm center, Medium Rare=Pink all the way, Medium= pink in the middle

Medium Well=Very thin line of pink, Well= No pink, Dry

Please allow 12 to 20 minutes of cooking times.

Bubba’s 12 oz $15.99

Tender sirloin cut fresh daily from USDA beef

Cowboy 10 oz $14.99

Tender sirloin cut fresh daily from USDA beef

Cowgirl 8 oz. $16.99

Tender sirloin cut fresh daily from USDA beef

Carol’s Choice 12 oz.$16.99

Ribeye, our most popular

Commerce 16 oz. T Bone $18.99

Commerce’s favorite

Mandy’s Choice Filet, $17.99

Vasquez 12 oz. Chip Stead, Ground Sirloin $10.99

Served with sautéed onions

Ranch Style Sirloin Tips $11.99

Served with sautéed onions & bell peppers on seasoned rice



All Mexican food includes fresh tortilla chips & our home made tortillas, quesadillas plates include rice & beans, guacamole & sour cream

Beef Fajitas Lunch $7.99 Dinner $11.99

Beef fajitas on hot sizzling skillet with grilled onions & bell peppers

Chicken Fajitas Lunch $7.99 Dinner $11.99

Chicken fajitas in hot sizzling skillet with grilled onions & bell peppers

Fajita Combo Lunch $7.99 Dinner $12.99

A combination of beef & chicken fajitas on a hot sizzling skillet with grilled onions & bell peppers

Beef Quesadillas Lunch $6.99 Dinner $9.99

Flour tortillas stuffed with beef fajita & cheddar cheese

Chicken Quesadillas Lunch $6.99 Dinner $9.99

Flour tortillas stuffed with chicken breast and cheddar cheese



Black eyed peas, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, corn, corn-nuggets, cup of soup, French fries, fried okra, fried squash, green beans, macaroni & cheese, mashed potatoes, pinto beans, seasoned rice

A baked potato or a large salad can be substituted for 2 veggies

Veggie Plate $7.99

Includes 5 veggies

Veggies a la Carte $1.50 each

Baked Potato $3.99

Bowl of Soup, Beef Stew

Small $3.99 Large $5.99


Regular or Decaf Coffee $1.49

Soft Drinks $1.99

Coke, diet coke, coke 0, sprite, dr. pepper, root beer, orange soda, country time lemonade, ice tea



Cobblers, peach or cherry $2.99

Pecan, chocolate Pie, $2.99

Vanilla Ice Cream scoop $0.99