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Milano's Ristorante



Minimum $15 order in Longview.  Delivery charge starts at $2.00

1405 West Loop 281

Longview, TX 75605

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Sun – Thurs 10am – 9pm

Fri & Sat 10am – 10pm

Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy.  Consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood or eggs may increase risk of foodborne illness.  Price & menu items subject to change without notice  may vary depending on location.  Tax not included.  WE reserve the right to correct any errors.  Milano’s 9/15.  All rights reserved.




Cheese Bread $6.99


Mozzarella Sticks (8 pc) $6.99


Buffalo Wings (8pc) $7.99


Butterfly Shrimp (8pc) $6.99


Stuffed Jalapeños (8 pc) $6.99


Chicken Nuggets (8 pc) $5.99

Served with your choice of red sauce or ranch dressing


Appetizer Combo $11.99

Your choice of 3 appetizers (excludes Cheese bread, calamari & shrimp cocktail)


Bruschetta $5.99

Garden fresh Roma tomatoes tossed in our lemon basil seasoned oil with grilled garlic bread


Stuffed Mushrooms (8pc) $6.99


Shrimp Cocktail $8.49


Meatballs (side order) $4.99


Hummus $7.99

Sesame tahini & garbanzo beans mixed with special seasoning


Stuffed Grape leaves with rice $6.99


Calamari Fritte $8.99

Crispy calamari, served with marinara sauce




Add a Dinner Salad to any Meal for $1.99

All salads are served with crackers & your choice of dressing, ranch, bleu cheese, 1000 island or Italian

Extra dressing $0.50


Dinner Salad $4.99

Lettuce, black & green olives, tomatoes & cheese 


Chef Salad $5.99

Ham, pepperoni, lettuce, tomatoes, black & green olives & cheese


Grilled Chicken Salad $5.99

Grilled chicken, lettuce, black & green olives, tomatoes & cheese


Caesar Salad $5.99  Add Chicken $1.50

Lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese & Caesar dressing


Greek Salad $5.99

Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black & green olives & feta cheese with olive oil & lemon


Italian Salad $5.99

Romaine lettuce, black & green olives, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, banana peppers, mozzarella cheese & Italian dressing


Spinach Salad $5.99

Spinach, tomatoes, green olives, lettuce, onions, olive oil & fete


Add Salad for $1.99

We cook with virgin olive oil & garlic butter




Chicken Parmigiana $12.99

Chicken breast with red sauce over angel hair pasta


Chicken Cacciatore $12.99

Chicken sautéed with Alfredo sauce, onion, roasted bell pepper, garlic & olive oil over spaghetti or penne noodles


Chicken Primavera $12.99

Chicken sautéed with zucchini, onion & bell pepper


Tuscan Grilled Chicken $13.99

With sautéed vegetables over fettuccine noodles


Spicy Chicken Milano’s Spaghetti $12.99

Sautéed grilled chicken with mushrooms & cayenne pepper with marinara sauce, served with spaghetti noodles


Milano’s Grilled Chicken Penne $12.99

Penne sautéed with grilled chicken, bacon, garlic sun-dried tomato, red onions & parsley cream sauce


Chicken Alfredo Pasta $12.99

Fajita chicken with fettuccine Alfredo


Chicken Piccata $13.99

Chicken with capers, lemon butter, parsley & garlic served with penne or fettuccine


Chicken Marsala $13.99

Sautéed chicken breast with mushrooms & sweet wine sauce, served with fettuccine or sautéed spinach with a lemon butter wine sauce


Pasta Sicilian $13.99

Chicken breast, sautéed with onions, garlic, cherry tomatoes & spinach served over white wine sauce topped oregano & feta cheese served with penne or spaghetti


Veal Parmigiana  $12.99

Breaded veal & red sauce over angel hair pasta




Shrimp Fettuccine $12.99

Shrimp & creamy Alfredo sauce over fettuccine or penne


Shrimp Scampi $13.99

Shrimp sautéed with garlic butter  lemon


Grilled Tilapia $13.99

Veggies & Alfredo sauce over fettuccine


Lemon Pepper Salmon $13.99

With sautéed vegetables over fettuccine


Spicy Shrimp  & chicken $13.99

Penne sautéed with shrimp, sliced chicken, cayenne pepper & parsley cream sauce


Spaghetti Allo Scoglio $15.99

(Al Frutti di Mare/Fresh Seafood)

Mussels, shrimp, cherry tomatoes, garlic, onions, spicy red chile, white wine sauce & oregano, served with spaghetti


Pesto Alla Pasta $13.99

(Al Frutti di Mare/Fresh Seafood) Shrimp, scallops, mussels, sautéed onion, cherry tomatoes, garlic, olive oil & pesto sauce with lemon juice served over penne


Spaghetti Alle Vongole $14.99

(Spaghetti with Clams) Clams, oil, garlic, parsley & splash of white wine topped with tomatoes & fresh basil




Steak & Sautéed Veggie $15.99

Grilled steak, sautéed vegetables & pesto sauce served over penne


Tuscan Steak $15.99

8 oz. Sirloin steak with sautéed zucchini, roasted bell peppers, onions, olive & garlic, served over penne


Italian Sausage $14.99

Linked Italian sausage, cherry tomatoes, roasted bell peppers, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, garlic & olive oil



Add Salad for $1.99

All pasta entrées are served with garlic toast bread


Lasagna (Delicious!) $12.99

3 Layer lasagna with ground beef, ricotta & mixed cheeses, topped with mozzarella & baked in our special sauce


Manicotti $10.99

Noodles generously filled with ricotta & mixed cheeses, served with a rich tomato sauce


Spaghetti with Meatballs $11.99

Noodles topped with meatballs & a rich tomato sauce, covered with mozzarella cheese


Eggplant Parigiana $11.99

Breaded eggplant & red sauce over angel hair pasta


Spaghetti with Meat sauce $10.99

Noodles topped with a rich tomato sauce & ground beef, covered with mozzarella


Beef Ravioli $10.99

Square pasta filled with beef & mixed with mozzarella cheese, served with marinara sauce


Penne Primavera $8.99

Sautéed vegetables, penne pasta & creamy tomato sauce, covered with mozzarella cheese


Fettuccine Alfredo $8.99

Fettuccine noodles mixed with Alfredo sauce & covered with mozzarella



                                                Small 10”                    Medium 13”               Large 15”

Supreme                                   $8.99                            $15.99                         $17.99

Pepperoni, hamburger, Canadian bacon, sausage, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, black olives, green olives & tomatoes

Vegetable Combo                    $8.99                            $14.99                        $15.99

Mushrooms, green peppers, onions, black olives, green olives & tomatoes

Meat Combo                            $8.99                            $15.99                         $17.99

Pepperoni, hamburger, Canadian bacon & sausage

Taco                                          $8.99                            $14.99                        $15.99

Choice of chicken or beef, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar & mozzarella

Hawaiian                                  $8.99                           $14.99                          $15.99

Tuscan Chicken                        $8.99                           $14.99                          $16.99

Grilled chicken, pesto sauce, spinach, mushrooms, onions, black olives, tomatoes, mozzarella & feta cheese

Chicken Ranch                         $8.99                           $14.99                          $15.99

Chicken, ranch, Canadian bacon & cheese

Chicken Alfredo                       $7.99                           $14.99                          $15.99

Chicken Alfredo Supreme       $8.99                           $15.99                          $16.99

Fajita chicken, onions, mushrooms & tomatoes

Philly Steak                              $8.99                           $14.99                          $15.99

Philly steak, onions, mushrooms & green peppers

Spinach Chicken Alfredo         $8.99                           $14.99                          $15.99

Mediterranean                        $8.99                           $14.99                          $16.99

Grilled chicken, spinach, black olives, feta cheese, onions, tomatoes & mozzarella with Alfredo sauce


                                                                Small 10”                             Medium 13”                      Large 15”

Cheese Pizza                                       $6.99                                       $8.99                                    $9.99


Alfredo Pizza                                       $6.99                                       $8.99                                    $9.99


BBQ Pizza                                              $7.49                                       $9.99                                    $10.99


1 Topping Pizza                                   $7.49                                       $9.99                                    $10.99


Additional Toppings (Each)           $0.85                                       $1.15                                    $1.25

Pepperoni, hamburger, sausage, Canadian bacon, Italian sausage, jalapeños, onions, mushrooms, green peppers, green olives, black olives & fresh tomatoes



Served on 9” toasted hoagie bun with chips & a pickle


All Meat Sandwiches $6.99

Ham, pepperoni, cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion with ranch dressing


Submarine 46.99

Ham, pepperoni, cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion with  ranch dressing


Ham & Cheese $6.99

Ham, mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato & onion with ranch dressing


Meatball $6.99

Meatballs & mozzarella cheese with marinara sauce


Gyros $6.99

Marinated & grilled meat with onion, tomato & special sauce wrapped in pita bread


Grilled Chicken Sandwich $6.99

Grilled chicken, onion, cheese, lettuce & tomato with ranch dressing


Philly Steak $6.99

Philly steak, cheese, grilled onion, green peppers, lettuce & tomato with ranch dressing



For kids under 12 years of age, seniors can order for $2.00 more

Kids pasta dishes are served with fresh baked garlic bread


Kid Sized Pizza $5.99

1-Topping Pizza of your choice


Chicken Nuggets (5pc) $3.99


Kid Sized Spaghetti with Meat Sauce $5.99


Kid Sized Spaghetti with Meatballs $5.99


Kid Sized Chicken Alfredo $6.99




Dessert Pizza  Small $7.99   Medium $8.99   Large $10.99

Apple, chocolate or cherry


Cinnamon Sticks   Medium $6.99   Large $7.99


Cheesecake $3.49


Baklava $1.59


Italian Cake $3.49


Tiramisu $3.49


Cannoli $3.49




Fountain Drink   Medium $1.59   Large $1.79   2 Liter $2.99   Tea $1.79

Coke, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, 7-Up, Lemonade, Root Beer, Sweet or Unsweet Tea