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Tomboni's Bistro


1181 a Judson Road

Longview TX


Mon – Fri 11:00 – 2:30

Wed & Thurs 5:30 – 8pm

Fri & Sat 5:30 – 9pm

Ask About Catering

Legend:  gf – gluten free   p – paleo  v – vegan   df – dairy free

While we offer gluten free items on our menu, our kitchen is not gluten free, we also prepare dishes with peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish & wheat in our kitchens





Dry Aged Prosciutto $4.00


Dry Aged Prosciutto $8.00

On grilled rustic Italian bread drizzled with lavender honey


Ceviche $8.00 gf

With bay scallops & shrimp, fresh lime, olives, tomatoes, jalapeño & fresh corn tortilla chips


Mushroom Flatbread $7.00

With shiitake & baby bella, scallions, garlic, olive oil & parmesan


Soup of the Week   Cup $3.00   Bowl $6.00




Tomboni’s Signature Salad $7.50  Add natural roasted chicken breast +$2.00

Organic baby greens, romaine & kale with apples, roasted Texas pecans, goat cheese, dried cranberries & faro with balsamic vinaigrette


Tuna Nicoise Salad $14.00

With medium rare sliced tuna, green beans, green olives, boiled eggs, marinated potato cubes, radish, grape tomatoes & Dijon vinaigrette


Modern Cobb Salad $12.00 gf

Made with fresh toasted turkey, bacon, black olives, grated cheddar, cucumbers, boiled eggs & tomatoes with Dijon vinaigrette or Green Goddess Dressing


Shrimp Salad $11.00

Greek yogurt lemon dill sauce with a touch of mayo nestled in romaine leaves, side of pita


Tomboni’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps $10.00 gf

Made with carrots, water chestnuts, scallions, Edamame, & peanuts in a ginger lime chili cilantro soy sesame & garlic dressing


Far East Texas Salad $9.00 Add Chicken +$2.00  Add Shrimp +$4.00

Romaine, purple cabbage, crunchy kelp noodles (very low carb & calorie), sugar snaps, carrots, celery, red bell pepper strips, cilantro, peanuts with a soy ginger dressing


Mediterranean Salad 48.00 gf  Add natural chicken +$2.00

Grilled artichokes, cannellini beans, tomatoes, Kalamata olives & feta on a bed of organic baby greens, romaine & kale with Dijon vinaigrette




Scoop of pecan chicken salad on bed of greens $4.00 gf  df


Small Green Salad $3.00 v   gf


Sweet Potato Salad $3.50  gf   v   df


Caponata Salad $3.50   gf   v   p   df


Cup of Soup or Gazpacho $3.00


Quinoa Tabbouleh $3.00 gf v df


Jicama Slaw $3.00   gf   v   df




Flavored Tea $2.50 


Sweetened or Unsweetened Iced Tea $2.00


Kombucha drinks $3.50


Natural Soda $2.00


Perrier Sparkling Water $2.50


Complimentary Chilled Filtered Water


French Pressed Coffee $2.00 per cup or $7.00 per pot


Hot Tea $2.00  Add Bag + $1.00



Served with your choice of quinoa salad, Jicama slaw, small green salad, sweet potato salad, caponata (eggplant) salad, house make tortilla chips soup or gazpacho


The Cuban $10.00

Crisp roast pork, smoked ham, Swiss cheese, pepperoncinis & mustard grilled in a crusty roll with a side of spicy red pepper & onion dipping sauce


Veggie Goodness $10.00

Made with spouts, cucumbers, avocado, tomato & Havarti cheese with mayo on whole grain bread


Tomboni’s Italian $10.00

Smoked ham, spicy capicola & dry salami with provolone, olive relish, shredded lettuce & sliced tomato served hot on ciabatta roll


Tomboni’s Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich 49.00   Add avocado + $1.00

Served on toasted multi grain bread


Bistro Burger $9.00   With cheddar or Swiss $9.00

A juicy combination of white & dark ground turkey with seasonings & all the trimmings, mayo or mustard


Better BLT $8.50   Add olive oil fried egg + $1.00   Add fresh roasted turkey + $2.00

Thick cut bacon, avocado, vine ripe tomato, shredded romaine & mayo on toasted whole grain or sourdough bread


Elevated Grilled Cheese $10.00   Gluten free bread + $2.00 

Romaine leaves & vegan mayo are available for substitutes

Havarti, Swiss, herbed goat & cream cheese with slow roasted tomatoes on grilled sourdough bread



Lasagna $13.00

Is made with chicken, spinach, mushroom & Italian sausage and is layered with zesty tomato sauce & Italian cheeses, finished with silky alfredo sauce and served with a side salad


Fresh Salmon Filet $13.00 gf

Served with a cucumber dill yogurt sauce, cauliflower rice & green veggie


Natural Roasted Chicken Breast $12.00 gf

Served with lemon basil pesto, cauliflower rice & fresh green veggie


Roasted Portabella Mushroom $12.50   v   gf   df

Is stuffed with organic spinach, cannellini beans & grilled artichokes with organic roasted red pepper tomato sauce & green veggie


Fresh Butterflied Trout (One filet $12.50   (Two filets $18.50

Served with lemon caper sauce, cauliflower rice & fresh green veggie


Pasta Portofino $15.00   gf pasta + $2.00

Comes with wild caught shrimp, tagliatelle pasta, preserved tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, parmesan & extra virgin olive oil


Pasta Primavera $13.00  gf + $2.00

Made with zucchini & yellow squash, mixed bell peppers, tomatoes & parmesan in a veggie broth with or without mushrooms, tagliatelle pasta



Northern Italian with New American influences

Tomboni’s Bistro Sample Dinner Specials

Ask waitperson about the Specials



You may Substitute Cauliflower rice for your saffron rice or potatoes + $2.00


Salad $7.00

Hearts of Romaine with blue cheese, caramelized walnuts, green apples & green goddess dressing



Braised Duck $22.00

Braised duck with Pappardelle pasta, shiitake mushrooms, preserved tomatoes & wilted spinach in a duck jus port wine sauce


Pan Seared Fresh Mahi $26.00

Pan seared fresh Mahi with roasted yellow pepper & cilantro pesto, herbed Israeli cous cous & sautéed organic green mixture of kale, spinach & rainbow Swiss chard


Black Angus Filet $30.00

8 oz. Stuffed & aged Jack & shiitakes, Madeira wine sauce, potato leek tart & sautted organic green mixture of kale, spinach & rainbow Swiss chard


Rack of Lamb $28.00

Rack of lamb with mint thyme sauce, herbed Israeli cous cous & sautéed organic greenmix of kale, spinach & rainbow Swiss Chard




Crispy Semolina dusted Squid with sea salt aioli $10.00


Fresh sliced Fennel with sea salt, pepper & olive oil $5.00


Flash fried Brussels sprouts with maple balsamic reduction $6.00


Pecorino Cheese $7.00

Pan seared pecorino cheese with cracked pepper & San Marzano tomato sauce


Vine ripe tomatoes, artichokes, fresh garlic & basil bruschetta $6.00   Add fresh mozzarella + $4.00


Gnocchi $6.00

Fluffy potato pillows with fresh sage & blue cheese


Prosciutto $8.00

Served with lavender honey on toasted baguette


House Salad $5.00

Made with mixed greens, tomatoes, green olives, cucumbers, radish, house made croutons & shaved Grana Padano with lemon vinaigrette



Pasta, Risotto & Polenta


All main plates served with house made focaccia bread upon request

Cauliflower rice may be substituted for saffron rice + $2.00



Tomboni’s Lasagna $14.50

Chicken, spinach, mushroom, Italian sausage, San Marzano tomato sauce, ricotta & mozzarella layered between fresh pasta sheets, finished with silky Alfredo sauce


Braised Beef & Swiss Chard Manicotti $18.00

With Marsala wine sauce & side of fresh veggies


Chicken, Spinach & Asiago Sausage Links $15.00 gf

Severed over soft polenta with roasted red pepper tomato sauce


Pasta Portofino $17.99    gf pasta + $2.00

Pappardelle pasta, shrimp, preserved tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic, seafood stock, extra virginoilve oil & shaved parmesan


Pasta Primavera $13.00   gf pasta + $2.00

With tagliatelle pasta, zucchini, yellow squash, mixed bell peppers, garlic, fresh herbs & extra virgin olive oil


Wild Mushroom & Pancetta Risotto with Pecorino $14.00    gf   may also be ordered as vegan



Chicken, Seafood & Vegan


All main plates served with house made focaccia bread upon request

Cauliflower rice may be substituted for saffron rice + $2.00


Pan Seared Chicken $15.00

Pan seared chicken with lemon & basil pesto, crispy goat cheese crotons, saffron brown rice & fresh garden veggie


Chicken Cacciatore $13.00 gf

Chicken cacciatore with natural highs, San Marzano tomatoes, bell peppers, capers, mushrooms, onions & green olives served with saffron brown rice & fresh green veggies


Fresh Pan Fried Trout $20.00   can be made gf

Fresh pan fried trout with white wine, lemon & paper pan sauce, served with saffron rice & freah green veggie


Cioppino $18.00 gf

A fresh seafood stew with rock shrimp, fresh fish, mussels, clams, squid, tomatoes & fresh fennel in a saffron broth, served with crusty bread


Portabella Mushroom $14.00   v   gf

Is filled with spinach, artichokes & cannellini beans with roasted red pepper tomato sauce & fresh green veggie



All Desserts $6.00

Fresh seasonal fruit Cobbler

House made Vanilla Bean ice cream $2.00 per scoop

Tiramisu ~ layers of coffee liquor soaked ladyfingers & mascarpone cheese

Italian Cream Cake with coconut & walnuts, cream cheese frosting

Crème Brulè ~ Vanilla bean custard spiked with fresh berries, burnt sugar top

Lemon Tart ~ Tangy & refreshing lemon custard with chewy graham cracker crust

Flourless Chocolate Cake with chocolate glaze served warm, pecans on top optional




Cote de Rose, Gerard Bertrand   France   2014   $30

Fresh & fruity, ideal as an aperitif or with shellfish or any subtly spiced dish




Pinot Grigio, Cabert, Italy 2015   Glass $6.00   $18.00

Well balanced dry wine with notes of ripe apple, hint of almond at finish


Pinot Grigio, Jermann Italy 2014   $42.00

Intense, full & fruity aroma with excellent persistence.  Dry, velvety & well orchestrated for its full body.  Consistently wins in blind taste test over Santa Marguerita


Sauvignon Blanc, Fire Road   NZ   2015  Glass $9.00   $25.00

Bright, refreshing & unoaked wine that pairs perfectly with seafood, pasta & cheese


Sauvignon Blanc, Boya   Chile $30.00

Fresh pear, gooseberry & passion fruit on the nose & palette.  Bright, focused, unoaked


Sauvignon Blanc, Amici    Napa Valley 2013  $35.00

Medium bodied dry wine with floral notes followed by notes of ripe peach & guava on the palate


Fume Blanc, Ferrari Carano   Sonoma   2014  Glass $10.50   $22.00

Bright acidity & crisp freshness mingle perfectly with aroma & flavors of yellow peach, pear, meyer lemon & mango.  Great depth & complexity


Albarino, Kentia   Spain    2014   Glass $8.00   $22.00

Very aromatic on the nose, with scents of herbs & fresh white fruits.  Unctuous, powerful & fresh on the palate with good acidity & balance


Chardonnay, Haymond & Hill   Russian River Valley, TX   Special Price Glass $8.00   $32.00

Soothing tropical fruit & subtle minerals on the palate,.  Ripe melon & butterscotch create rich mouth feel with soft, sweet acidic finish


Chardonnay, Meiomi   Sonoma, CA   2014   $30.00

Unabashedly rich & luscious wine that combines fresh ripe fruit flavors with spicy, buttery accents


Chardonnay, Olema   Napa Valley, CA   2013   Glass $10.00   $27.50

Dry wine with tropical notes that develop into a rich mouth feel with hints of oak, butter & vanilla on the palate


Chardonnay, La Crema   Sonoma, CA   2014   $35.00

Opens with aromas of fresh Meyer lemon, shortbread & ripe pear.  Notes of locally grown apples, sweet spice & white peach come through on the palate.  Broad, juicy &beautifully balanced


Chardonnay, Wrath   Monterey, CA   2013   $62.00

Earthy, dense, expansive & layered.  Bright & clean.  Personality of growing site & high quality of vintage are evidenced in balance & complexity.  Highly rated


Moscato, 7 Daughters   Italy   Glass $8.25   $25.00

Bright, fruity aromas of golden raisin & apricot with a crisp, fruity sweet, medium body & tangy honey pear citrus finish.  A  tasty sweet sipper!


Riesling, Blufeld   Germany   Glass $6.00   $16.50

Medium sweet with aromas of citrus & juicy peach


Leisling, Leitz   14   Feinherb, QbA   Germany   2014   Glass $9.75   $27.00

Fruity & fresh with peach & lime aromas, pronounced minerality




Prosecco, Tiamo   Italy   Split $8.00

Superbly balanced with rich & fruity aromas of apples, pears & citrus.  Long & fruit filed finish


Cava, Raventos I Blanc   Spain  $34.00

Sparkling Spanish Cava at its best.  Produced in same style as Champagne.  Dry, toasty & focused.  First producer of Cava & family owned since 1497


Champagne, Chandon Brut   France   $35.00

Vibrant, sophisticated, dry.  Celebrate!





Pinot Noir, chateau St. Jean, Sonoma, CA   2014  Glass $7.00   $21.00

Silky with notes of raspberry & spice


Pinot Noir, Olema   Napa Valley 2012  $30.00

Medium bodied & fruit forward with notes of cherry cola & raspberry followed by a hint of spice with a great acidic finish


Pinot Noir, Meiomi   Sonoma, CA  2014  $30.00

This wine reveals boysenberry, blackberry, dark cherry, juicy strawberry & toasty mocha flavors that lend complexity & depth on the palate


Pinot Noir, Bichot, Secret de Famille, Bourgogne, France   2014   $40.00

From a  highly rated French producer this “burgundy” pinot noir has a charming nose of black currant, silky mouth feel & lingering finiah


Merlot, Stephen Vincent, North Coast, CA   2012  Glass $8.00   $24.00

Lush fruit notes with finish of vanilla


Cabernet, Chateau Julian   Monterrey, CA   2013  Glass $7.50  $21.00

Plum, cherry & blackberry notes, easy to drink


Cabernet, Alexander, Brown  Uncaged CA    North Coast   2013   Glass $10.50   $29.00

Rich aromas of black cherry, cola & mocha.  Bold tannins frame a powerful, mid palate flavor layered with blackberry, black currant & chocolate as well as subtle hint of baking spices.  Smooth & blanced with an elegant finesse that defines the long & lingering finish


Cabernet Sauvignon, Estancia  CA   2013   Glass $10.50   $29

Intense dark cherry aromas with  hints of blackberry & chocolate on the palate, long finish


Cabernet Sauvignon, Unparalleled  CA  Central Cost 2013  $30.00

Ruby red with a bouquent of blackberry & cherry that is fruit forward & lsh


Cabernet Sauvignon, JaM Dellars   CA   2014  $37.50

Rich, full bodied, loaded with dark fruit flavors, Easy to drink


Zinfandel, Peirano, Old Vines CA   2014  Glass $7.50   $21.00

Classic style Zinfandel with some vines over 80 years old


Zinfandel, 1000 Stories   CA   2013   $37.50

Aged in bourbon barrels which impart characteristics of charred vanilla, dried herbs & a hint of caramel


Red Blend, Monte Antico   Italy   2011  Glass $9.00   $24.50

Expertly crafted Sanglovese & Cabernet from Tuscany.   Medium bodied yet long on finish.  Great wine with any food!


Red Blend, The Prisoner   Napa Valley   2014  $66.00

Highly rated red blend of mainly Zinfandel & Cabernet grapes with aromas of black cherries & plums followed by complex & velvety flavors




Bud Light $2.75


Michelob Ultra $3.00


St. Arnold’s Elissa IPA $3.50


Sam Adams Rebel IPA $4.00


Best Damn Root Beer $4.50


Fat Tire $3.50


Shiner Bock $3.50