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All Menu Items and pricing subject to change.


A place where you can chill, relax, meet, commune, refresh and indulge!

Also serving a selection of craft sodas, fresh desserts, and breakfast food and lunch items

102 N Jefferson Ave.

Mt Pleasant


Signature Lattes

Jo’s Signature - salted caramel

Day Dreamer – lavender

Lumber Jack – mocha with a kick

Wanderer - Mexican vanilla

Queen Bee – Honey Cinnamon


Affogato – expresso over ice cream with whip cream and much syrup

Frappe – blended espresso, ice, mild and syrup

Latte – espresso with frothed milk

Cappuccino – espresso with foamed milk

Breve Latte – espresso with frothed half and half

Flat White - espresso with steamed milk

Americao -  espresso with hot water

Espresso Con Panna - espresso with whipped cream

Doppio – two shots espresso

Fumatra – bold roast coffee

Ehiopian – medium /bold roast coffee

Not Coffee

Green or Chai Latte

Soda over ice cream

Hot chocolate

Lavender Tea

Sweet Tea

Unsweet Tea

Slo Bar


French press