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Dale’s Burgers and More

“Best Burger in West Tawakoni”

501 E. Hwy 276, West Tawakoni, TX 75474

Call In Ahead for pickup

Tel 903-447-2448

Business Hours : Mon-Sun 11:00AM - 9:00PM

Sandwiches & More

Fried Chicken                                       $4.29

Hand breaded with mayo, lettuce and tomato

Grilled Chicken                                    $4.29

Marinated Chicken breast with mayo, lettuce and tomato

Fish Sandwich                       $4.49

Breaded Catfish fillet, tarter and lettuce

Classic Double BLT                            $4.49

Twice the bacon, mayo, lettuce, tomato on Texas Toast with chips

Grilled Ham and Cheese                    $4.99

Deli Style Ham, grilled with melted cheese, mayo, lettuce and tomato with chips

Grilled Cheese                                      $2.89

Grilled Texas Toast extra cheesy with chips

Reuben                                                    $6.69

Hot Corned Beef and Sauerkraut, melted Swiss, 1000Isle dressing on toasted Rye with chips

Ch. Fried Steak Sandwich                  $4.49

Large breaded steak with mayo, lettuce and tomato

Tacos                               (1) $1.89 (3) $4.99

Seasoned ground beef in crispy shells

Nachos                                                  $4.99

Cheese & Pepper   Add Taco seasoned beef                                                                   $6.29

Cat Fish Basket                                     $7.29

Served with fries, toast & tarter sauce

Chicken Basket                                     $6.29

Served with fries, toast & cream gravy

Patty Melt                                              $5.49

1/2 pound patty with grilled onions, both Swiss and American Cheese on toasted Rye bread w/chips

Club Sandwich                                       $6.29

Bacon, deli style ham, gilled with melted cheese, may, lettuce and tomato on Texas toast with chips


All dinners come with your choice of two side orders and Texas toast. Choose from the following sides; French Fries, Seasoned Green Beans, Pinto Beans, Corn or Salad.

Chicken Fried Steak                             $8.49

Large breaded steak with creamy white gravy

Chicken Strip Dinner                          $8.49

Hand Breaded chicken breast with cream gravy

Grilled Chicken Breast      $8.99

Marinated in our own recipe, makes this chicken extra moist and flavorful

Hamburger Steak 1/2 LB                  $7.99

Grilled onion, bell peppers & mushrooms, smothers in brown gravy

Catfish                                                    $8.99

Cornmeal breaded and fried golden brown


Chicken Salad                       $5.69

Your choice of fried or grilled chicken with cheddar cheese, bacon & tomato on a bed of shredded lettuce

Taco Salad                                             $5.69

Seasoned beef, cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce & tomatoes served with picante, sour cream & tortilla chips

Ham & Swiss                                          $5.69

Deli sliced ham & Swiss cheese over shredded lettuce, bacon & tomato


Onion Rings                        full order $3.25

                                                1/2 order $1.89

French Fries                        full order $2.79

                                                1/2 order $1.89

Cajun Seasoned Fries                          $2.99

Cheddar Cheese Fries                         $3.59

Chili Cheese Fries               full order $4.29

                                                1/2 order $2.69

Loaded Fries                      full order $4.29

                                                1/2 order $2.69

Cheddar cheese, bacon, grilled onions with side of ranch

Super Loaded     full order $4.99

                                                1/2 order $3.25

Cheddar cheese, bacon, grilled onions loaded with chili & side of ranch

Fried Cheese Stix           (3) $2.50 (5) $3.75

Served with Ranch

Tator Tots                           full order $2.79

                                                1/2 order $1.89

Daily Specials

Monday                                                  $5.95

1/2lb. Hamburger Steak

Tuesday                                                  $5.95

1/2lb. Hamburger Basket

Wednesday                                            $5.95

Chicken Fried Steak Dinner

Thursday                                                $5.95

Steak Sandwich Basket

Friday                                                      $5.95

Catfish Basket

Mon – Fri                                                $5.95

1/3 Hamburger, Fried & Drink

Old Fashioned Hamburgers

We start with 100% Pure Ground Beef, hand pressed & Seasoned. We add your favorite toppings on a buttered bun that’s toasted on the grill. Available as a 1/3lb. or 1/2lb.

Old Fashioned Classic               1/3lb $3.59

                                                        1/2lb $4.39

Mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, pickle and diced onions

Classic with Cheese                  1/3lb $3.89

                                                         1/2lb $4.79

Choose American, Swiss or Cheddar

Chili Cheese Burger                  1/3lb $4.39

                                                       1/2lb 5.29

Mustard, chili, Cheddar cheese and onion

Hickory Cheddar                       1/3lb $4.09

                                                         1/2lb $4.99

Mustard, Hickory BBQ, Cheddar cheese and onion

Bacon Cheese Burger                1/3lb $4.39

                                                       1/2lb $5.69

Crispy bacon, American cheese with mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickle & onion

Mushroom Swiss Burger           1/3lb $4.39

                                                         1/2lb $5.29

Sauteed mushrooms, melted swiss with mayo

Chipotle Pepper Burger           1/3lb $4.49

                                                         1/2lb $5.79

Crispy bacon, Cheddar cheese, grilled onions, grilled peppers, lettuce, tomato with a spicy Chipotle mayo

Bad Boy JR.                                         $7.99

Dale’s Bad Boy Burger

Double 1/2lb. Patties, double cheese, double bacon, chili with all the trimmings topped with a jalapeno.

CAN YOU HANDLE IT?                 $8.99

Make Any Burger a Basket with French Fries add $1.89

Add grilled onions or peppers for .50 cents to any burger or sandwich

All Prices are Subject to Change


Kids Meal served with fries and a small drink

Corn Dog $3.69

Grilled Cheese $3.69

Taco $3.69

Hamburger $5.49

Chicken Strip $5.49