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Cole Mountain

Restaurant & Catering Co.

419 E. Moore

Terrell, Texas


So that we may better serve all our customers, we may not be able to take call in to go orders

between 11:30 am to 1:00pm Thank you




Onion Rings $ 5.95

Fried Pickles $ 5.95

Chips and Hot Sauce (Per serving) $ 4.00

Blooming Onion $ 7.95

Buffalo Wings - Honey dipped, battered and deep fried $ 5.95

Texas Torpedo - cheese stuffed jalapeno deep fried $ 5.95

Fried cheese - lightly breaded and golden brown $ 5.95

Fried Mushrooms- An old favorite, done just right $ 5.95

Combo * A mix of torpedoes, cheese sticks and mushrooms $ 9.50

Half Rack of Ribs - our famous barbecue rub $ 9.50


All steaks are mesquite grilled and served with a salad and choice of potato

Rib-Eye 8 oz $ 16.95

Rib-Eye 12 oz $ 20.95

Filet 8 oz cut tenderloin our most tender steak $ 24.95

Rib-Eye 16 oz cut for a hearty appetite (Full Cut) $ 23.95

Mr. Sir 12 oz. Hamburger Steak, topped with grilled onions and brown gravy $ 12.95

Steak and Shrimp - add 6 fried shrimp to your steak for only extra $ 6.00

Steak and Quail add a special marinated, mesquite grilled quail to your steak extra $ 6.00

Prime Rib (after 5 p.m. only) a 12 oz. Portion of this favorite is just right, our special way of cooking gives just a hint of mesquite flavor , we do not prepare more than we will serve on any given day, so sometimes we run out, just ask $ 1.00 per oz. for larger portion $ 22.95

*Rib-Eye is very flavorful, but will also have more internal fat.

For an Additional $5.00, you may split the Rib-Eye, T-Bone or Rob's Choice

Barbecue Sandwiches

Served with coleslaw

Chopped Beef $ 6.50

Sliced Beef $ 6.50

Sausage $ 6.50

Barbecue Platter

All plates served with cowboy beans and coleslaw

Slice Beef $ 10.95

Chopped Beef $ 10.95

Combo (beef & sausage) $ 12.95

Barbecue Ribs (1/2 rack) $ 13.95

Full Rack Ribs $ 19.95



Burgers & Such

Served with French Fries

Half Pound Burger $ 8.95

Cheese Burger $ 9.45

Double Meat Cheeseburger $ 12.00

3/4 Pound Fat Boy Burger $ 10.95

Fat Boy Cheese Burger $ 11.50

Chicken Laredo 8 oz. (Mesquite grilled chicken breast topped

with jalapenos peppers and Monterey jack cheese served on a toasted bun) $ 9.95

Kids Under 10 Menu Sr. Over 65

Between 12 & 65 Add $2.00

Hamburger $ 4.95

Buffalo Wings $ 4.95

Grilled Cheese $ 4.95

BBQ Ribs ( 3 Ribs ) $ 5.95

Chicken Fried Steak $ 5.95

Chicken Strips $ 5.95

Fried Shrimp $ 6.95

Cole Mt. Chicken (4 oz) $ 6 .95



Bread Pudding $ 5.00

Pecan Cobbler $2.50

Peach Cobbler $ 2.50

Blackberry Cobbler $ 2.50

Cobbler a la mode $ 3.50

Ice Cream $ 2.50



Coffee $ .95

Milk $ 1.95

Tea $ 1.95

Soda $ 1.95

Specialty Dinners

Cole Mountain Chicken - Specially marinated and mesquite grilled, served with salad and choice of potato $ 10.95

Chicken Monterey - A tender bread of chicken topped with ham and Monterey jack cheese, served with salad and choice of potato. $ 12.95

Chicken Fried Steak - "huge" just the way you make it at home, battered when you order it- served with salad and choice of potato $ 10.95

Fried Shrimp- (ten) - served with cole slaw and choice of potato $ 14.95

Quail (two birds) - mesquite grilled and served with salad and choice of potato $ 15.95

Chicken Fried Chicken- hand battered, served with salad and choice of potato $ 10.95 Double $ 13.95


Culinary Corral- Any Selection

$ 18.95

Mesquite Rodeo - Cole Mountain grilled chicken (6) fried shrimp, choice of potato and creamy cole slaw

Quail Hunter - Quail 4 oz. Cole Mountain chicken, 3 ribs, with choice of potato and creamy cole slaw

Cole Mountain Cowboy- Slab of barbecue ribs, Cole Mountain chicken, cowboy beans and creamy cole slaw

Southwest Salad $ 9.95

A full eight ounce portion of grilled chicken served atop a bed of greens and tortilla strips, served with honey mustard or choice of dressing.

Lunch Specials

Monday - Friday 11 am to 2 pm

No Specials on Holidays

No Substitutions

$ 4.95 Lunch

Homemade Soup of the Day

Served with a fresh garden salad

Cole Mountain Beans

Bowl of cowboy beans topped with chopped beef,

chives and grated cheddar cheese

Stuffed Baked Potato

with chopped beef or broccoli and cheese

$ 6.95 Lunch

Veggie Plate- Choice of four vegetables

Hamburger Steak - 8 oz.

cooked medium well unless otherwise specified ,

grilled onions, brown gravy, and two vegetables

Stuffed Baked Potato

With chopped beef or broccoli and cheese



Dinner Vegetables

Black-eyed Peas, Green beans, Cowboy Beans, Fried Okra,
French Fries ,Macaroni & Cheese, Garden Salad, Broccoli & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, Whole Kernel Corn

Add a veggie $ 2.00

Baked Potato= 2 Vegetables.

$ 7.95 Lunch

Grandma's Pot Roast

served with choice of two vegetables

Chicken Fried Steak

served with choice of two vegetables

Homemade Meat Loaf

served with choice of two vegetables

Southwest Salad - Cole Mountain Chicken

served over a bed of greens topped

with crisp tortilla chips

Chicken Fried Chicken

Served with choice of two vegetables

$ 10.95 Lunch

Bits and Pieces (When Available) cooked to order with two vegetables