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Homero’s Yellow Rose Café

Authentic Homemade Cooking

1416 W. Moore Ave.

Terrell, Texas


Catering and Private Parties are our Specialty. Call to Reserve.


Beef or Chicken Fajita Nachos $8.99

Bean and Cheese Nachos $5.99

Cheese Nachos $4.99

Taco Nachos $6.99

Shrimp Nachos $11.99

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail (8) $11.99

Beautiful chilled shrimp with our incredible red sauce, cilantro , pico de gallo and avocado

Fried Breaded Mushrooms $5.99

(10) served on a bed of lettuce and tomato with ranch dressing

Stuffed Jalapenos $5.99

(8) Cheese filled and fried golden brown

Fried Cheese Sticks $4.99

(6) Breaded and fried to perfection

Hot Wings of Fire $ 5.99

(8) served on a bed of lettuce and tomato with dressing

Fried Onion Rings $ 3.99

So fresh- when you sat down they were still just a onion

The Yellow Rose onion blossom $ 6.29

Beef , chicken, or combo fajita quesadillas $ 8.99

Served with lettuce, tomato, and sour cream

Shrimp and mushroom quesadillas $11.99

Mexican potato jackets $ 6.99

Shrimp Chalupas $11.99


Chicken tortilla soup small $ 6.29 Large $ 7.99

Chicken ,fresh veggies, tortilla strips topped with white cheese

Mexican beef soup small $ 6.29 Large $7.99

Tender slices of sirloin, fresh veggies and touch of cilantro

Vegetable Soup small $ 4.99 Large $6.99

Homero’s Chili Homero’s own recipe , slightly spicy small $4.99 Large $5.99

Shrimp or fish soup (or combination) $12.99

“Giant” Yellow Rose Potatoes

A meal in itself $6.29

# 1 Mexican Potato

Butter, chives , Homero’s chili, cheese and bacon chips , Jalapenos on request

# 2 Ranch Style Potato

Pile on Bar-B-Que Sliced beef with sauce , butter and chives, and load down with cheese and bacon.

# 3 Porky Style Potato

Large Chunks of delicious ham over butter and chives, smothered with cheese sauce and bacon cheese

#4 Garden Fresh Potato

Butter, chives,fresh green broccoli tips, cheese and real bacon chips

#5 Nacho Style Potato

Butter, a dash of chives, cheese sauce, Homero’s homemade chips, jalapenos and real bacon chips

#6 Fabulous Supreme

Mix butter,chives,grated cheese and to it with real bacon chips for the taste of your life.

#7 Baked Potato

With butter and sour cream only $4.29

Add a salad $2.29

Add sour cream $2.15

South of the Border

Shrimp Fajitas served with pico de galo, sour cream and guacamole $13.99

Fajitas Beef, chicken or combination $10.99

Yellow Rose fajita special for 2,8 large shrimps, beef and chicken $26.99

Without shrimp $20.99

Tacos Al Carbon Beef or chicken fajitas rolled in flour tortillas served with

Rice, beans, pico de gallo and sour cream $10.99

Shrimp Pilaf broiled butterfly shrimp in dry Poblano sauce, served with rice, choice of one vegetable ,pico de gallo, and flour tortillas $12.99

Chicken Pilaf skillet browned chicken breast in dry Poblano sauce served with rice, choice of one vegetable ,pico de gallo and flour tortillas $10.99

Chef Special your choice corn or flour tortillas, filled with refried beans, topped with

Chicken or beef and cheese, served with rice and beans $10.99

Beef or Chicken Tampico delicious marinated beef or chicken breast topped with our special ranchero sauce and melted cheese

Served with one soft cheese taco, and rice and beans $10.99

Seven Points Special Two tostadas topped with rice, beef, or chicken fajitas simmered in ranchero sauce, lettuce, tomato and cheese .
Served with one soft cheese taco, and rice and beans $10.99

Chimichanga Spicy beef picadillo ,two kinds of cheese wrapped in flour tortilla then golden fried and covered with ranchero sauce ,

served with rice, beans and sour cream. $9.99

Beef burrito dinner 2 beef burritos topped with cheese, served with ranchero sauce,

Rice and beans $9.99

Tamale dinner three tamales, rice and beans $7.99

Taco Platter two tacos rice and beans $7.99

Enchilada dinner beef ,chicken , or cheese served with rice and beans $7.99

Steak Tacos (4) Top sirloin grilled with onion, bell pepper, cilantro,and served in a soft corn tortilla. Rice and beans $11.99

Shrimp Enchiladas shrimp sautéed in dry poblano sauce, rolled in flour tortillas, and served with rice and beans $12.99

Chile Relleno Green Poblano pepper stuffed with beef or cheese, dipped in egg white batter, lightly fried , topped with ranchero and cheese. served with rice and beans $9.99

Guiso Mexican Style beef simmered in ranchero sauce served with rice, beans and tortillas $9.99

Country Style Home Cooking

Served with a salad, two fresh cooked vegetables or baked potato,

Rolls and cornbread

Alex’s favorite 6 oz. top sirloin cut open face, cooked on the grill served

With fresh sliced avocados , 2 vegetables $10.99

Grilled Salmon Steak Lightly season, grilled to perfection $11.99

Fried Catfish fillets four large fillets cooked golden brown $10.99

Pot Roast slow cooked, tender and juicy $9.99

Marinated Grilled Chicken southwest style, found only at the Rose $10.99

Chicken Fingers strips of chicken served with our special cream

Gravy on the side $9.99

Boneless Fried Chicken breast with a blend of seasonings,

We smother it with cream gravy $9.99

Grilled hamburger steak with grilled onions and our brown gravy $9.99

Shrimp platter 12 large shrimp, fried golden brown

Served with cocktail sauce $13.99

Old Fashioned chicken fried steak hand breaded, cooked fresh

The best in Texas! $9.99

Chicken Livers breaded then fried and served with cream gravy on the side $7.99

Vegetable plate a dinner salad and your choice of any four

Of our fresh cooked vegetables $8.99

Beef cutlet breaded and grilled, smothered in brown gravy $9.99

Burgers and Sandwiches

All of the following are served with our famous home fries and a pickle spear

Cheeseburger $6.29

w/bacon $7.99

Our Special treatment with chopped onions grilled in the hamburger meat, cooked over a open flame.

Fried chicken breast sandwich Breaded and fried golden brown, this is one of the

Tastiest sandwiches you will ever devour $7.99

Turkey deluxe Texas toast grilled and smothered with tomatoes, bacon,

Swiss cheese and add the turkey $7.99

Philly steak sandwich Sliced Ribeye, grilled onions & Peppers

With Swiss cheese $6.99

Marinated chicken sandwich – marinated in our secret formula

And grilled to perfection $6.99

Beef Deluxe Texas Toast grilled with American cheese, topped with

Tomatoes and hot roast beef $6.99

Chicken Fried Steak sandwich Hand breaded and deep fried $7.29


Fried or Marinated chicken salad Chicken breast served on a bed of

Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and real bacon chips $7.99

Chef Salad Turkey, ham and bacon top this huge bed of lettuce with onions

Tomatoes, grated cheese and egg $7.99

Guacamole Salad Small $3.29 Large $4.99

Beef or chicken fajita salad Flour tortilla shell filled with lettuce, fajita meat,

Chili con carne, cheese and tomatoes $8.99

Taco Salad Flour tortilla shell filled with taco meat, lettuce, chili con carne, cheese and

Tomatoes $7.99

Dinner Salad $2.99

Classic salad with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and chives.

Everyday Favorites

#1 One Egg $3.99

Any style, choice of two strips of bacon or sausage patty.

Served with hash browns, home fries or grits

(sliced tomatoes if available ) biscuits or toast

With ham $4.99

Without Meat $3.25

# 2 Two Eggs $5.25

Any style choice of two bacon strips or two sausage patty,

Hash browns, home fries, or grits or sliced tomatoes, biscuits or toast

With ham $5.99

Without Meat $3.99

# 3 Corned Beef Hash $5.99

Cooked lightly crisp. One egg any style, grits, toast

Or biscuits & cream gravy

#4 Two eggs $5.99

Scrambled with diced ham, chopped onions and bell peppers.

Served with home fries toast or biscuits.

#5 We Start with two open biscuits $5.99

Add sausage patties then two eggs cooked any style on top.

Smother this with our fresh cream gravy. Served with home fries.

# 6 Regular Ol’ Breakfast $4.25

Two eggs any style, 3 bacon or 3 sausage links

& choice of toast or biscuits

#7 Scrambled N’ Sausage $5.99

Smoked sausage sliced and scrambled with two eggs. Served with

Hash brown, home fries, grits, or sliced tomatoes. Biscuits or Toast

#8 Chicken Fried Steak And Eggs $6.25

Our chicken fried steak is double dipped with two eggs cooked any style.

Served with home fries, hash brown, or grits. Toast or biscuits.

Home made biscuit & gravy $2.99


Prepared in skillet, tossed, and folded. Smothered with one of the following you select.

Served with home fries, hash browns, or grits and our fresh biscuits

Or toast.

Served with additional mushrooms $0.99

#14 Cheese $4.99

#15 Bacon $5.25

#16. Sausage $5.25

# 17 Ham $5.99

#18 Western $6.25

Cooked with ham, peppers and onions

#19 Texan $6.25

Smoked Sausage, peppers and onions.

#20 Shrimp Omelet $9.99

This large omelet is smothered in shrimp

Breakfast south of the border

#9 Spanish breakfast $6.25

Scrambled eggs mixed with chopped onions,Jalapenos,and

Corned beef hash. Served with flour tortillas, butter, & our

Homemade hot sauce

#10 Huevos Con Fajitas $6.25

Scrambled eggs cooked with beef fajitas. Served with rice, beans

And flour tortillas

#11 Huevos Con Papas $5.99

Two scrambled eggs with skilled fried potatoes .

Served with rice, beans and flour tortillas.

#12 Huevos Con Chorizo $6.25

Scrambled eggs cooked with diced Mexican sausage.

Served with rice, beans and flour tortillas.

#13 Huevos Rancheros $6.25

Two eggs cooked any style with a mild ranchero sauce on top.

Served with rice, beans and flour tortillas.

#36 Chilaquile $6.25

Three eggs scrambled with tortilla chips, tomatoes, green onions, and topped with

Monterey Jack Cheese, served with rice, beans and flour tortillas

#37 Burritos De Chorizo $6.75

Three burritos with scrambled eggs, cooked with diced Mexican sausage.

Served with rice and beans .

# 38 Burritos De Fajita $6.75

Start with scrambled eggs, cooked with beef fajitas rolled in flour

Tortillas served with rice and beans

# 39 Burritos De Papas $6.75

Eggs scrambled with skilled fried potatoes and rolled in flour tortillas.

Served with rice and beans.

#40 Burritos De Sausage $6.75

Eggs scrambled with sausage and rolled in flour tortillas

Served with rice and beans.

# 41 Burritos De Tocino $6.75

Eggs scrambled with bacon and rolled in flour tortillas .

Served with rice and beans.

# 42 Burritos De Jamon $6.75

Eggs scrambled with ham and rolled in flour tortillas.

Served with rice and beans.

From the Griddle

Pancakes and Combos

# 21 One pancake, one egg, one bacon or sausage link $2.99

#22 Two pancakes, two eggs, bacon or sausage links $3.99

#23 Hotcakes $1.79

#24 Shortstack $2.79

#25 Stack of cakes (3) 3.79

Try our Blueberry pancakes

Hot strawberry, blueberry or pecan topping $2.50

Belgium Waffle $2.99

With strawberry, blueberry or pecan topping $3.99

English Muffins $1.75

With cream cheese $1.99

Texas Toast $1.75

#26 French Toast made with Texas toast $3.75

#27 Breakfast sandwich $5.25

Grilled English muffin with ham, cheese and well done egg.

French fries or hash browns

#28 BLT Sandwich served with French fries $5.25

Children and Seniors

#30 Biscuits & Gravy (2 Bis.) $1.99

#31 One Egg, slice of cheese and biscuits or toast $1.99

#32 One Egg, Bacon or sausage and biscuits or toast $2.99

#33 One Pancake sausage links or bacon $2.99

#34 Mini Omelet with Cheese $2.99

Potatoes and toast or biscuits

#35 Mini Ham & Cheese Omelet $3.99

Potatoes and toast or biscuits

#36 One Egg with rice and beans and tortillas $3.99


Coffee $1.85

Decaffeinated Coffee $1.85

Hot Tea $1.85

Milk Sm $1.25 Lg $1.99

Juice Lg $1.99

Iced Tea $1.85

Hot Cocoa $1.99

Deluxe Cocoa $2.25

Soft Drinks $1.85