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Liefie li Vine  

302 N Main St.

Winnsboro, TX 75494


See our website for the delicious menu and call us for reservations

Please enjoy a glass or more of our Complimentary Wine, until our new Beer & Wine Permit arrives.  You are welcome to bring your own Beverage.



Also see our selection of exotic salads & TAPAS on the Main Menu

Lunch is served from 11AM till 2:30PM


PANINI                                                                      $9.50

Comes with a fresh side salad or a cup of soup Fresh baked bread of the day, toasted with your choice of :

Smoked chicken, cream cheese, sharp cheddar

Soet-brand creamy jalapeño chicken

Tomato, onion, sharp cheddar & cream cheese

Salami, basil pesto, sautéed onions & Provolone

Tropical tuna, banana, raisins & Provolone

Boereowors, cheddar cheese & Mrs. Ball’s chutney


Fresh & delightful with baby lettuce, tomato, cranberries, cheddar cheese & our onion vinaigrette  house dressing

TUNA CIABATTA                                  $6.50

Loaded with Omega 3, quality protein, low fat light tuna, created with a tropical infusion & Provolone, on fresh ciabatta bread

VEGETAROAM COABATTA               $6.50

Add veggie straws for a $1.00 extra

Baby greens, avocado, sprouts, onion, tomato & light cream cheese

BOERIE ROLL                                         $9.00

Comes with veggie straws

Genuine South African beef sausage in a fresh hoagie roll, drizzled with monkey sauce, a real tasty please



Rest assured, our homemade soup does not come from a can

Cup of Soup                                              $4.00

Bowl of Soup                                            $5.00

Soup & Salad                                           $8.00

Soup & Bread                                           $8.00

Soup, Salad & Bread                            $10.00

Soup in a Bread Bowl & Salad           $10.00

Any Soup Combo delicious



All salads comes on a bed of organic baby greens with fresh tomato, onion, carrot, cucumber

Chicken Salad                                           $8.00

Dried cranberries & our juicy smoked chicken, onion vinaigrette dressing

Roquefort Salad                                    $10.00

Amish blue cheese, apples & walnuts, balsamic, pomegranate & olive oil dressing

Greek Salad                                               $8.00

Feta cheese & Mediterranean olives, balsamic & olive oil dressing

Tropical Tuna Salad                                $8.00

White tuna infused with fruit chutney, banana & raisins, buttermilk Caesar dressing

Salmon Salad                                         $11.00

4 oz Atlantic salmon, broiled & blackened on a bed of avocado, baby greens lightly drizzled with onion vinaigrette & fresh lemon



Vinger Happie Platter

                Regular $14.00    Large $22.00

South African quiche, salami, Mediterranean olives, cheese, Frikkadelle, seasonal grapes, & fresh baguette served with garlic & herb infused olive oil dipping sauce

Aphrodisiac Mussels

Dozen                                                      $14.00

It’s love at first bite…on the shell, exotic butter, garlic, wine sauce & fresh baguette bread

Tuna Kelkie                                               $7.00

Nutritious & delicious, Omega 3 tuna with baguette bread



*Entrees usually available from 5pm, please consult your server*

Flat Iron Steak                                       $20.00

10 oz prime cut & hand trimmed served with our smothered potatoes & a splash of traditional monkey sauce

Prime Rib                                                $22.00

Smoked with East Texas Pecan, tender & juicy Angus, hand trimmed, served with your choice of smothered potatoes or herb caramelized sweet potato

Pap & Wors                                            $13.00

Our famous South African beef sausage, smoked to perfection, served on traditional corn meal porridge with rich tomato & onion Sheba

*All Entrees below are served with a fresh side salad*

Bunny Chow                                          $14.00

(No relation to rabbits) Home baked bread, hollowed out & filled with smoked chicken & drizzled with white wine sauce

Smoked Chicken

                Cal Count Size                       $12.00

                Hungry Daddy Size               $16.00

Juicy & tender chicken breast meat, pecan smoked with a generous portion of smothered potatoes, African style

Authentic Beef Curry                           $15.00

Served “Bunny Chow” style or over Royal Aged Basmati Rice from the foothills of the Himalayas

Neelsie’s Salmon                                   $18.00

Fresh Alaskan salmon, blackened & broiled to tender perfection, served with herb caramelized sweet potato

Vegetarian Bobotie                               $16.00

A traditional South African Sweetheart, stoneware baked lentils, coconut milk, raisins & a dash of curry spice, served with rice & baked sweet potato

Mussel Meal                                           $18.00

A dozen succulent mussels in the shell, served over aged Basmati rice, steamed with turmeric, raisins & some other secret herbs & spices



                Rooibos Tea $3.00      Carafe $4.00

Caffeine free, alcohol free, rooibos grows in the clean mountain air on the slopes of the Cederberg in South Africa, warm & rich aromatic flavor, served hot or as iced tea

Floats                                                          $4.00

Vanilla ice cream & your choice of soda or fruit juice

Drinks                                                         $2.00

Coke, diet coke, iced tea, coffee, sprite, root beer, dr pepper, diet dr pepper, 100% fruit juices

Hazelnut & Vanilla Coffee with South African Marula Fruit Cream                           $4.00

Hot Chocolate                                          $3.00

Cappuccino                                               $3.00

Flavored Tea, hot or cold                        $3.00



Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, served with South African Marula Fruit Cream       $5.00

Pie for Two                                                $8.00

Caramel Brownie with

                scoop of ice cream                   $4.50

New York style cheesecake                    $4.50

Ask your server about any new dessert today