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Caddo Mills, TX


The State of Texas Health Dept. would like for you to be aware that eating under cooked EGGS could make you sick.

If it comes from Bucky’s Kitchen there is a GOOD chance it will have BUTTER in it, on top of it, or under it!!!  If you don’t like BUTTER…you better go home!!!

Yes, All the BEFF is 100% COW!!

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Egg Breakfast served with hash browns & toast or biscuit & gravy 

1 Egg $2.50

With bacon, ham or sausage $3.95

2 Eggs $3.10

With bacon, ham or sausage $4.60


Breakfast Tacos 

Egg, sausage, cheese in flour tortilla (2) $4.50

Egg, bacon, cheese in flour tortilla (2) $5.50

*Egg, sausage, cheese, hash browns in flour tortilla (2) $6.00



All omelets served with toast

Cheese $3.50

Ham, Bacon, or Sausage$4.95

Hobo Omelet $6.25

Bacon, sausage, ham, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms & cheese

Western Omelet $5.25

Ham, bell peppers, onions & cheese

*Veggie Omelet $5.25

Grilled onions, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, cheese



1 Pancake $1.50

With bacon, sausage or ham $3.00

2 Pancakes $3.00

With bacon, sausage or ham $4.50

French Toast (2 Slices) $3.50

Bucky’s Waffle $2.50


CHICKEN Fried Steak & Eggs $6.99

Steak, 2 eggs, hash browns & toast

*The Mess $6.99

Hash browns, 2 scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, sausage all cooked together & mixed with cheese served with toast

Jackson Special $5.99

French toast with maple syrup & 2 soft bacon, 2 sausages

Bucky’s Bust A But Breakfast $10.99

Sausage, gravy with 4 biscuits, 4 eggs, 4 bacon, large hash browns

Bucky’s Big Breakfast $8.99

2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 pancakes, 2 biscuits & gravy

Reid Special $5.99

2 eggs, fried potatoes & onions with sausage gravy & bicuit

Chi Special $3.99

1 biscuit, sausage, egg, covered with gravy



Sausage Biscuit $1.50

Sausage Biscuit with cheese $1.5

Bacon Biscuit $1.50

Bacon Biscuit Egg with cheese $3.25

JB Sandwich $2.75

Scrambled eggs with bacon on toast

BJ with Cheese $3.00

Sausage Egg Sandwich $3.15

Sausage,  Egg Sandwich with cheese $3.50



1 Egg $0.75

Oatmeal or Grits $1.50

Cheese Grits $2.00

Biscuit & Gravy (2) $1.50

Sausage Gravy with 2 Biscuit $3.50

Hash Browns $1.50

Home Fries with onions $1.25

Toast or Biscuit ( 1 piece) $1.00

Bacon (3 pieces) $1.50

Sausage (2 pieces) $1.50

Ham (1 piece) $1.50



Drink Choices:  Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Root beer, 7up, Lemonade, RC, Big Red, Orange Soda, Tea and SUGAR Tea

Kid Drinks $0.95

Medium $1.25

Large $2.00

Coffee $1.00

Orange Juice or Milk $1.50



Mozzarella Sticks (6) $4.95

Hot Wings (4 boneless) $5.95

Jalapeno Fritters $5.95

Sliced, battered & fried

*Fried Pickles $5.95

*Nachos $5.95

Spicy, beef with cheese

Soft Tacos Beef (2) $5.95

Fried Thangs Basket $5.95

Chicken Strip Basket $5.95

3 Chicken strips, hand battered, served with fries with gravy

Extra Chicken Strips $1.25 each

Grilled Quesadillas (2) $5.95

Beef or chicken or cheese served with sour cream & salsa

*Bacon Chicken Quesadillas (2) $6.95

Served with sour cream & salsa

*Ry Dogs (2) $5.95

Fried Chicken strips wrapped in tortilla with cheese & ranch dressing



Dressing served at Bucky’s:  Homemade Ranch, Honey Mustard, 1000 Island, Italian, Sesame, Blue Cheese, French, NO FAT FREE DRESSINGS, they taste gross


BLT Salad $5.95

Bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese with potato chips on top

Taco Salad $5.95

Spicy beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream & salsa

Oriental Chicken Salad $5.95

Fried or grilled chicken, all veggies with crispy noodles & sesame dressing

Chicken Salad  Sm $4.95   Lg $5.95

Fried or grilled chicken with all veggies & cheese

Chef Salad  Sm $4.95   Lg $5.95

Ham, bacon, cheese with all veggies

*Club Salad $7.95

Grilled chicken, bacon, ham, cheese and all the veggies



All Veggies are lettuce, tomatoes, pickles & onions, all sandwiches are served with chips and your choice of mustard, mayo or Miracle whip

BLT $4.50

Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes on toasted bread

Grilled Ham & Cheese $4.50

Grilled ham & cheese on grilled bread

Chicken Fried Steak or Chicken $4.50

Your choice served with all veggies on a grilled bun

Grilled Chicken Breast $4.50

Served with all veggies on grilled bun

Grilled Club Sandwich $5.95

Shaved ham, bacon, cheese on 3 pieces grilled sourdough bread

Catfish Sandwich $6.50

Battered catfish on Texas Toast with tarter sauce

Patty Melt $4.50

Char grilled hamburger & onions with Swiss on sourdough bread

Bacon  Grilled Cheese $4.50

Fried bacon, cheese on grilled bread

*Chick-Chick Sandwich $5.95

Fried chicken, fried egg, bacon, ham & cheese on sourdough bread

*Grilled Chicken, Bacon $5.50

Served on Texas toast with Swiss cheese

*Spicy Fried Chicken Grilled cheese $5.95



Fries $1.50

Curly Fries Seasoned $1.95

Tator Tots $1.95

Onion Rings $1.95

All Thangs Fried in one Basket $5.95

Served in a Big basket with Bucky’s Ranch



All Veggies are lettuce, tomatoes, pickles & onions, all sandwiches are served with chips and your choice of mustard, mayo or Miracle whip

Add Bacon $1.00

Add Grilled Mushrooms, Onions or Peppers $0.50 each

Hamburger with all veggies $3.55

Cheeseburger with all veggies $3.75

Double Meat Burger (BIG) $4.75

Double Meat Cheeseburger (BIG) $4.99

*The GIANT Burger $9.95

3 Beef patties, 3 cheeses, 3 bacon & lots of veggies

Barnyard Burger $6.75

Comes with Egg, bacon, sausage on burger

Bucky’s Burger $6.75

Char grilled Swiss cheese burger, grilled onions & mushrooms, onion rings are served on the burger with Bucky’s Ranch with all the veggies

Café Special Burger $4.75

Grilled meat, grilled peppers, onions & mushrooms with Swiss cheese




All dinners served with  our choice of  2 sides:  Dinner Salad, Homemade Mashed Potatoes with gravy, Sweet Corn, Fried Potatoes with onions, Fried Okra, Green Beans, Fried Squash, Spicy Pinto Beans, Bucky’s Loaded Potato

*Spicy Smoked Sausage $7.95

Spicy link sausage grilled with onions

CF Steak Sm $6.95   Large $7.95

100% Steak (not frozen) breaded & fried with lots of gravy

CF Chicken  Sm $6.95   Lg $7.95

Chicken breast (not frozen) bread, fried with lots of gravy

Hamburger Steak  Sm $6.95   Lg $7.95

Char grilled hamburger with onions & mushrooms served with brown gravy

Pork Chop  Sm $6.95  Lg $7.95

Grilled or fried with lots of gravy

Grilled Chicken Breast $6.95

Skinless chicken breast, seasoned & grilled

*Chicken Strip Dinner $6.95

3 Chicken strips with 2 sides & gravy

Extra Chicken Strips $1.25 each

Boudreaux (spicy sausage or grilled chicken) $7.95

A big bowl of spicy sausage or grilled chicken with mashed tators, pintos, corn, cheese covered with ranch

Catfish Dinner with hushpuppies

1 Filet $8.95

2 Filet $10.95

All You Can Eat Catfish Dinner $14.95


Grilled Tilapia Fish $7.95

*Pan Seared Tilapia Fish $8.95

Tilapia is served with garlic butter & mushrooms & onions



Side of Veggies $1.25

Veggie Plate (3 Items) $3.50   (4 Items) $4.50

*Big Bowl of Spicy Pintos $3.50

Homemade Ranch (8 oz.) $3.50



Must be under the age of 100 to order!

All Kids meals are served with fries

Chicken Strips (2) $3.25

Hamburger 3.50

Cheeseburger $3.75

Grilled Cheese $3.50

Corny Dog $2.95